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10 reasons why you should not listen to music industry gossip

There is a lot of gossip going on in the music industry. It happens on the internet, televisions, and radios. The social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are the leading in music industry gossip. Those who like gossiping in the music industry use these platforms because they know many people all over the world use the platforms. This way they are able to reach a lot of people.

A gossip in the music industry is false or unconstrained information about music artists. It can also involve betraying a confidence. It spreads sensitive information and hurtful judgments about people. People who gossip cannot be trusted. People gossip in the music industry for various reasons;

  • Fell superior

It is evident that people who have inferiority complex usually feel better when they judge others negatively.

  • Boredom

If people do not have interesting things to do, they gossip a lot. Gossip is known to arouse people’s interest.

  • Envy

Some people will gossip out of envy. They will gossip in order to hurt those who they envy their talent, popularity, or even lifestyle.

  • Be part of a group

People will gossip so that they can feel like they part of a group

  • For attention

You are the center of attention when divulging a piece of gossip. Spreading gossip is like buying attention. The disadvantage is it has little foundation and is temporary. Many people on social media will gossip for attention.

As an artist in the music industry, you should expect people to gossip about you. This should not be something to worry you because people will gossip no matter what. The best thing is not to listen to their gossips. Instead, ignore them. These are some reasons why you should ignore gossip in the music industry.

  1. It spreads lies

In most cases, gossip spreads lies. A true story is usually exaggerated and it gets out of proportion. Some people will just opt to start a lie. Once the gossip spreads, lies are being perpetuated. It is human nature to gossip. A lot of information is passed along during gossip. Most gossips end up being malicious.

  1. Lead to bigger problems

Gossip in the music industry will eventually lead to a bigger problem. It can lead to losing of sales and even bad reputation. As i said earlier, most gossips end up being malicious. They will affect your music career negatively because they portray bad things about you. If you keep them in mind, they will affect your productivity.

  1. Low self-esteem

If you concentrate in gossip, your self-esteem will lower greatly. People will gossip both negatively and positively about you. It is advisable you don’t take keen attention on the gossips because they will affect your self-esteem. Just do your thing.

  1. Living other people’s lives

You might end up living other people’s lives if you concentrate on their gossips. You can never please everyone. Some will love your music while others will criticize it. The worst mistake you can do is try to please everyone. This will bring you n depression at the end. This is because you will be living a life you are not comfortable with in the name of pleasing another person.

  1. Waste time and money

If you concentrate on gossips in the music industry, you will end up wasting a lot of time trying to make things right. You will always be on the internet checking which the newest gossip about you is. This will reduce your concentration in the music career. Your performance will go low and you might even lose some fans.

  1. You limit yourself

Do not listen to gossip in the music industry because you will end up limiting yourself. For example, people associate some music genres with illuminati. You might be afraid of exploring in some music genres just to avoid being called illuminati. This affects your growth in the music industry.

  1. Low motivation

If you hear negative gossip about you or your music, it might lower your motivation. Motivation and self-esteem are mostly connected. They both affect your performance. If you concentrate on these gossips, you might keep your motivation low. The best way to deal with them is to ignore them.

  1. Gossip is destructive

You should ignore music gossip because it is destructive. It damages your social standing. All the good things you do are rarely discussed. But once you do a mistake, it will be discussed openly on media and on the internet. The allegations will change to become accepted truths. Gossip damages how you are regarded in the community. It also reduces how much you are trusted by the community.

  1. Causes stress

If you constantly listen to what other people are gossiping about you, then you will always be in a bad mood. When you are in a bad mood, you do not feel calm or relaxed. Why should you focus on the negative things people are saying about you? Always look on the bright side. Do not waste your time thinking about what is being said about you on social media. Instead, use that time to develop your music career.

  1. Changes your attitude

Your attitude might change if you keep on thinking about people. You will lose trust in people, even your friends because you see them as your enemy. You feel as if they are the ones spreading gossip about you. You become suspicious of everyone around you. Your music managers, promoters, and even producers will be your suspects. If you cannot trust the people who are helping you in your music career, then it will be difficult to develop it. The only thing you can do to avoid all these is to ignore the gossips.


Just live your life and make your music and success will follow. Do not concentrate on things that do no help your music career. The more you grow in music, the more you find people gossiping about you. Ignore it and move forward.


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