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12 tips for promoting your music on social media

If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it is almost like you don’t exist. Artists are taking advantage to use these social media sites to promote their music because social media is a catalyst for conversation and word of mouth marketing.

You should aim to make most of your posts, either funny, interesting, or interactive. The others should be promotional material and advertisements and the conversational posts can also be promotional depending on how you tweak them. You just need to learn how to frame the content in an interesting way and watch out for opportunities that that you think your fans would be interested in. So when you’re recording in the studio, perhaps that’s a good time to write about it or upload a picture online. These things are promotional in a social way and it can help you with building a solid, international fan base. You can also look into creating personal profiles, pages, and groups that will help fans to recognize you and your work quite easily.

When creating a page, make sure the content is interesting and that it’s easy to navigate so that you aren’t limiting your audience.Be careful not to overdo your posting or to re-post the same content all the time because fans will become annoyed and stop being interested in what you have to say. With just a few easy tips, you’ll be heard through your social media platforms and your music promotion will really grow.

Tweet campaigns are excellent, but they are not so popular yet among artists. Through scheduling your tweets at peak times you’ll gain major attraction.It’s always important to add a call for action to your tweets, instead of simple information or comments that people can read so use words like like purchase, reply and add. Make your tweets engaging and those that are a little bit longer generally get your followers to engage more.

Through being aware of the peak hours where people are online, you can automatically increase your following when you tweet in those times. Generally you should think about tweeting just before noon, around 3pm and after 8pm to get the most response.It is also advisable to tweet closer to the weekend as tweeter traffic soars during this time. Friday is the busiest of them all so your heaviest tweet activities should be focused on these days.

The key to using social media to your advantage, is through making your posts interactive. The more you interact with your fans, it will help you to create a solid fan base. Get feedback on your  music  and get your fans involved in new songs and your creative process. Fans will feel really valued when you ask for their advice and they feel really involved in your music and your career.

If you show your excitement when posting to your various social media platforms, you’ll automatically get your fans exited about you and your music. Make sure that you speak from your heart and allow your fans to get a glimpse of who you really are, by making yourself someone that they can identify with and connect with.

Let’s be honest, people love to get things for free, or almost free when it comes to social media. You can increase your likes or your followers by offering incentives to your fans. A like can get them a free music download or a re-tweet can get them a discount off of your upcoming album. Before offering tons of incentives, know what kind of a budget you have to work with and only offer incentives where it really counts.

Being followed or liked on the social media platforms and managing to get the same fans to revisit your pages takes some focus on getting the perfect balance between your posts. You don’t just want to sell, sell, sell, although that is the ultimate goal. You’ll want to post some interesting information, and a bit about yourself and your music, and you want to get the balance right to keep people intrigued and interested. Posting too much, too often can leave people feeling overloaded and not interested in continuing to follow you.

Sometimes fans find it hard to relate to superstars and music artists because they almost seem superhuman. Use your social media platforms to make yourself real to your fans and show them the genuine side of you. When you make things personal, you allow your fans to feel connected to the real you, and they really appreciate that.

Google plus allows people with a common interest to come together and form online communities. There are many Google Plus music communities that you can become part of or you can create your own.

Facebook is a great way to publicize your work, not only through your own page and profile but through joining other groups and pages that are interested in music. It’s important to be active in the group discussion before posting about yourself, and that way you’ll come across as more credible, so people will be interested when you post a link to your new music.

Tagging your music is essential to making it easily accessible to people when they search for it. Tagging allows people to find and listen to your music without the hassle. You should take your music with similar style record label names, similar artist names, an adjective that describes your songs, and other similar songs by well-known artists.

You should always be on the ball when it comes to comments and feedback, as there is nothing worse than seeing a dead page where fans are trying to interact with you and you  aren’t responding. Your comments are important and what you write and respond can encourage new people to visit your website and check out your music.

It’s a great idea to have an online symbol or logo that will identify you to your fans before even reading your name or your comments. Visual associations will help you to stay popular among your fans and even make some new ones.

Don’t just jump into the social media race with two feet. Sit down and make a plan of how you want it to work, what platforms you want to join and what you hope to get out of your various profiles, platforms and campaigns. If you have a social media goal on how you want it to help promote you as an artist, then you can stay on track and keep yourself motivated.

Don’t fall behind, these days if you aren’t visible online, it’s almost as if you don’t exist, so get started now.

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