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12 tips from celebrities who have written great songs

As a songwriter, you can work from home or from the office depending on your preferences, but be sure to work from a place that inspires you while giving you the structure to focus and concentrate. Songwriting is usually a self-taught skill and writers use their surroundings to inspire their work. Songwriting calls for talent, skills, and creativity and you’ll have to create beautiful lines and lyrics that are interesting to your clients, so that they can put passion and feeling into the music when they sing your words. Songwriting can be a well-paying job if you have great clients, but it can also be a struggle to get yourself known in the industry. You can improve your skills as a songwriter by practice and through hard work and we’ll take a look at some tips that will help out your career.

As a songwriter, being a perfectionist can really work against you. In order to be really good at what you do, you’ll aim to improve your writing skills so write as many songs as you can and then sift through them until you find the one you want. Don’t expect to write the perfect song on your first attempt as you have to keep trying as many times as possible and if you expect to get it right the first time, it could add to the difficulty of your writing due to the added pressure. Instead of putting pressure on yourself, let your ideas flow easily and you’ll end up creating something great.

Feedback and constructive criticism is essential to you work, so ask your friends or relatives for their honest thoughts and impressions. Through receiving the feedback, you can adjust your work, while learning about what others receive well. It’s important to allow your friends or family the space to be honest about your final product instead of them feeling like they need to say it’s all perfect. Don’t be afraid to give people the space to comment.

Combining opposites works really well in songwriting. It’s good to try something new such as combining short and long chords. Use short vocal lines with long-held chords and include a solid guitar part. Insist on simpler lines because they make your work easy to understand.

Talent alone will not help you in being a good songwriter, although it does make your chance for success a little bit easier. With some talent, hard work and determination, you can really make something of yourself within the industry. Just don’t allow yourself to be scared of failure, but rather let that feeling drive you towards success.

There are lyrics that are common in music and there are also topics like “love” that so many people sing about. You can write about the popular themes within the industry, but try really hard to make your lyrics and sound unique, so that your work will stand out from the many other songwriters that you’ll be competing against.

Many musicians go for the simplest songs because they want their fans to understand their message easily. Don’t write complicated lines, but rather, make it your habit to write simple songs. Write a song that your audience will understand the first time they listen to it, instead of something cryptic and hard to catch on to.

Two heads are better than one! Although writing can seem like something you should do on your own, it’s advisable to work with a fellow songwriter. Combining your efforts will help you create something beautiful and you can even learn a thing or two from each other, while helping each other to push your personal boundaries and to move away from your comfort zone.

Structure yourself properly when you’re writing. Instead of giving yourself a deadline to complete a song as soon as possible, make sure to give yourself some breaks in between in order to help you in the creative process. Taking breaks can help you to refresh your mind, relax and get some new ideas. This will really help you feel focused and energized when you return to your writing.

Exercise is great for your health because it helps to get your body moving and your blood flowing, bringing added oxygen to your brain and giving you an overall sense of well-being. Being in the right state of mind can really help to improve your creativity as well as keeping you motivated and focused.

Sleep gives our bodies and mind the time to rejuvenate themselves and to feel rested. When composing a song after a good nights sleep, it’s a lot easier to think clearly as your brain is functioning optimally. When you’re working after a good nights sleep, you’ll notice that your ideas flow more easily, so don’t skimp on your shut eye!

Instead of easing yourself into your writing each day, try a different tactic. Get out of bed and start writing straight away. You’ll notice that you mind engages quite quickly and your thoughts and ideas will flow easily. Be aware of your body rhythms and know when to schedule parts of your job that require a lot of concentration, and time when you should schedule a break. This will really help you to get the most creativity out of your day.

Writing isn’t necessarily a 9-5 job, so make sure to plan and structure your day well enough to keep yourself focused, as well as to give yourself time to unwind and be inspired. Sitting for long hours working on the same piece without a break can leave you feeling depleted and unproductive.

It takes hard work and determination to be a great songwriter. But if you keep up with the trends in the music industry, and continuously aim to improve your writing ability, you’ll go far, and make a success of yourself! Find your inspiration in the people and communities that you live in and don’t be afraid to write about it!

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