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5 lessons about live performance you can learn from music superstars

Music superstars are celebrities who have great popular appeal and are widely known, prominent or successful in the music industry. Usually their fame is renowned on an international level. However, local popular artists are also known as superstars. Due to their experience, musical superstars have a lot to offer to beginners and struggling artists especially when it comes to advice about live performance be it a live concert or dance show, or perhaps a theater performance. Let’s take a look at some of the lessons that music superstars can teach us about live performance.

You may encounter many influential people throughout your career but ultimately, your decisions will end up shaping your future. Whatever it is that you pursue, ensure you have as much knowledge at your disposal as possible.

At the same time, never underestimate the importance of keeping people on your side to support you through your music career because it can be a long and hard journey. Music is art and you want to perform each of your pieces with intensity, with absolute presence while focusing on the overall message. Through doing so you convey to your audience your passion and your incredible musical abilities. Play each song as if it were your last, then you’ll really know that you are giving it your all!

To become an icon involves a mix of careful and smart management as well as your willingness to cross multiple genres. Not only that, there has to be a vision to mix it all together and produce something truly unique which makes you rise above all others. People don’t only judge you on your music, but they also look at the impact you make outside the music industry.

Perhaps the biggest lesson we can take away from any iconic superstars is that we should utilize every chance we have in life to make an impact on people or to a cause that we will be remembered for. It’s important to show that you care and lead the way while setting a benchmark for other artists. You can also get your fans involved through showcasing your projects in you live shows.

People do not become successful by chance. This illustrates perfectly the importance of grabbing an opportunity that comes your way, of creating a brand and of using a well-established, pre-existing network to ensure continued and growing success. Always grab the available opportunity for you to shine. However small it seems, take it and utilize it to the maximum. You will be surprised to see that a small opportunity can bring loads of success in your direction.

When we reach the goals that we set out for ourselves, we feel accomplished, happy and content. But, it shouldn’t all end there, you should constantly be on the move. When you reach one goal, enjoy it, then set your next goal and get ready to work hard to achieve it. Never feel content with the size of success you have gained, the sky should be your limit. It’s important to be focused and always do your best. Use your success as a stepping stone to reach even bigger deals. Never assume anything because you got it right, instead, be consistent in your performances. If your last performance was great, make the next one even better.

The key to your success can be seen through your willingness to push artistic boundaries despite your continued success. Always have big projects that will challenge you and never leave room for your competitors to reach you. This way, you will always be that star that you wanted to be.

Once you join the music industry, you will meet a lot of people who give you advice on many different things. Many of the offers they make are very tempting. Some of the deals are very pleasing and it is therefore hard to ignore them. However, you should not go signing contracts you are not sure of. Do not listen to producers and managers who ask you to sign contracts which you do not agree to. Most of these contracts will promise a lot of money, but they might not turn out to be all that you had wished for in the end.

Producers will also promise a lot of sales from your records. Some of these promises may just be empty promises. You may also sign in with a major record label, only to realize that you have locked yourself in for years. The lesson learnt here is that you may be incredibly talented in one area, all the same, if you want to try something new, do your research first. Never get into anything blindly as it may have a negative impact on your career.

It pays to keep yourself updated with the upcoming trends in music. Make sure you are aware of everything  and that you have done your research before you sign any contract. Don’t be fooled by money and other goodies that come along with contracts. Make sure you have a great manager who will help you with all the paperwork and legal issues in your music career.

Music superstars work hard to provide a live performance that will impact their audience and that their audience will remember for years to come. A variety of musical styles can be incorporated into any given show in order to best suit a particular audience and this is usually determined by the desired atmosphere of the venue event or the general age of the audience.

Have a good stage performance that will leave the audience craving for more. Make sure you give them what they want. Practice days before the performance and make sure you master all the steps, the exits, and the entrance. Know the styles that will capture your audience and make them excited , leaving them feeling satisfied and ecstatic about the performance that they attended.

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