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50 results oriented music quotes

If you have solid dreams, goals and aspirations most of the time it may prove difficult to stay focused and motivated without any disruptions. Those who are successful or have made it always have an inspiring story to tell. Most have mentors and a great support system to help them overcome these challenging obstacles. This applies to most successful musicians of different genres too. The following inspirational music quotes will keep you focused on the goals of your musical career.

Music is a sweet tune that should make you feel good by all means this according to Mark James Klepaski

Music is a changer; it can change the world and also can change the people an inspiration by Bono

When music hits you, no pain is felt this is true by Bob Marley a great reggae legend

To conquer violence, music has to be made with more intensity, with more beauty and with more devotion as never before this according to Leonard Bernstein

For music to flow you should live it, that is it should be your own thoughts, experience and wisdom, thoughts by Charlie Parker

Music is an art that expresses  our wordless thoughts and that which cannot be silenced this is true by Victor Hugo

Music is all the truth in the world, the only truth by Jack Kerouac

Learning is an experience, the best part of it is that no one can take it away from you; it is in you , wise words by B.B. King

There things we cannot do before we learn them and therefore we learn by doing them this is an inspiration by Aristotle

Throughout his life, the most important thing he has learned is what not to play this by Dizzy Gillespie

Learning to the mind is never tiresome this is according to Leonardo Da Vinci

Always play like no one is listening or watching you, be yourself always an inspiration by Robert Schumann

The most important thing is understanding, everybody knows this is according to Albert Einstein

Learning and teaching goes two ways, we learn to teach and teach to learn this is by Phil Collins

A wise musician always masters what to play according to Duke Ellington

For you to be much better, try much harder this is by Gordon B. Hinckley

Always focus on the internal needs, you look at the daily decrease and not increase by Bruce Lee

Apart from practicing your art, know its secret, since it is the secrets and knowledge that can change your life status by Ludwig Van Beethoven

What you are in the practice room defines the kind of musician you are by the Musician’s Way

Learn your instrument then practice to perfection by Charlie parker

You will need motivation and habit to get to your destination by ZigZiglar

If you want to waste your personality then try being someone else by Kurt Cobain

If my preference as a physicist were to change, I would live music, dream music, think music and further live a musical life by Albert Einstein

Music is never boring, a guitar, a piano, a broom and a string altogether destroys boredom according to Keith Richards

Creativity has dimensions by Nikki Sixx

As a musician, you have a sole responsibility and a duty to reach out and inspire others by James Taylor

Singing is not singing until you sing together by Brian Eno

We humans get up in the morning do our things and then go to bed; we are successful by Bob Dylan

Talent, motivation, and attitude co-relate they determine what we can do, how much we are willing to do and how well we can do it according to Lou Holtz

Never opt for average and you will win big by Seth Godin

Never give up to be what you want to be in life by George Eliot

A lot of doing and less talking gets you there according to the Walt Disney Company

Time gives all the great achievements by Maya Angelou

Always start today, never postpone to avoid future regrets by Karen Lamb

Express yourself in all ways you do not know about tomorrow by Marc A. Pitman

Music is a cleanser; it cleans the soul from daily dirt an inspiration by Berthold Auerbach

Music is a healer, it expresses the human fraternity, it attracts by Billy Joel

Music has no fear the only fear is not finding the music according to George Eliot

For sounds, the soul is the entry point, the mind receivesm the ear is pleased and the heart replies by William Cowper

Music is a cleanser of understanding, it further inspires it and takes it to a whole new level by Henry Ward Beecher

Music expresses that which cannot be expressed, inspiration by Aldous Huxley

Music expresses that which cannot be said nor be silenced by Victor Hugo

Music triggers the same emotional experience; it brings people together according to John Denver

People cry and laugh due to the mysterious sound, and vibration created by music by Carlos Santana

Music has a higher revelation than the wisdom and philosophy we have according to Ludwig van, Beethoven

Music is like Christmas it brings happiness, inspiration from Ray Paul

Music is the best way to bring heaven on earth by Joseph Addison

Music has power; it is the best reminder of our personal achievements by Chris S Salazar

Music has powers, it makes us want to dance vigorously and at times it makes us want to destroy the radio by Greg Paul

Just like a book music can change our life in a positive or negative way, inspiration by Catherine Pulsifer

If you find yourself feeling unmotivated and need a little push to keep you going on your music journey, pick one of these quotes to focus on and to help you get on your way!

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