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shutterstock_112280339“You Bring The Passion… We Bring The Sauce”

The MusicPagePlus.com prides itself in curating the best news and information from around the web that has an impact on the lives of musicians and creative artist, making their way in through music industry.

Our goal is to create a concentrated source where musicians, creative artist, and anyone interested in the music business can find the information they need to jump the hurdles and overcome the many problems found along the road to becoming a success in music.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned you’ll find relevant, up to date information needed to take your next step in the wide and varied aspects of this industry.

Our curated articles and original posts range from a musician’s “how to” for buying instruments to repairing your gear, exploring new and unique income streams and to the latest trending news and policies that affect the way you approach your career.

In addition, we plan to serve up tons of original content in the form of interviews from a wide variety of industry professionals that will help to inspire and assist you in navigating your way through the music industry maze.

Welcome to The Music Page Plus!

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