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How to avoid the biggest mistake when choosing a music manager

If you are a recording artist and you’re looking for assistance in creating your music and landing performances, then you’ll want to get a music manager, whose prime responsibilities will be just that. Not just anyone can be a music manager. They need to have a really solid musical knowledge when it comes to the industry and song composition. Whether you call them your tour coordinator, or  talent manager, having a music manager on board will boost your musical career and help you to find incredible opportunities.

It’s important to have an understanding about the different kinds of managers that are available and what they do. An artist manager is involved in giving advice to artists by giving counseling related to all music matters. They are also responsible for shopping for records, publishing deals, and helping their clients to negotiate deals.

In many cases, a business manager is an accountant by profession. He is responsible for managing the income and expenses of his clients. They take care of making payments to the musicians, the roadies, background singers, and tour managers.

A music business manager also helps the artist to manage their assets, savings, investments and taxes. It is challenging for an artist to control income from performance, sponsorship, recording, licensing, and merchandise. It is also difficult to control business expenses, equipment purchase and sales. Having a music business manager is very important for your music career.

A road manager takes care of logistics while the artist is taking his road tours. Their main duties and responsibilities are to make sure everything that the artist needs while on his tour is available. He also makes sure all bills are paid in time to avoid inconveniences. This helps the artist to concentrate on the performance and interaction with their fans. The road manager also focuses on the promoters, band partners, venue booker, and booking agents to do their work perfectly. Things to do with accommodation, advances, deposits, commissions, rentals and per diems are also the road managers responsibilities.

The tour manager manages all the tour related activities for a music artist and he also coordinates with the road managers. With some artists, the road manager and the tour manager are the same person. The tour manager is in charge of the details that relate to the entire tour which include communication, tour routing, catering, hospitality and merchandising.

Production managers get involved with major record label artists. They work closely with tour managers to help with certain details like renting sound, lighting equipment, video equipment, and trucking issues. Production managers also deal with the publicity, scheduling and coordinating the touring crew. Technical managers are also called technical directors and they work closely with the production manager. This is the person in charge of set designs, construction and control during performance.

So how to you find the best music manager?

Anytime you are hiring a manager for your music career, make sure they are enthusiastic and that they believe in you. There is nothing worse than having a manager who is just doing his job for the money. Such a music manager will not focus on your music, but instead, they will focus on themselves. Hire someone who is a fan of your music as this will work out perfectly.

You can get a great music manager online and you can do it by advertising yourself on music forums. These forums are filled with music fanatics making it easy to get a person who is ready to work with you. You will also get reviews of someone before hiring them and they are important as they will help you get to know a bit more about the person before working with them.

If you do not want to work with someone new, you can hire your friend as your manager. Many of your friends will be excited about your music career the same way you are. They can offer good management because they have the love for your music and will be willing to be part of your success. Just remember to keep things professional.

If you decide to hire a friend for a manager, make sure you keep things official. They need to understand that this is now a business you are building. You should cut all verbal contracts and get every business related decisions in writing. Insist on paper work, deadlines and set realistic goals. A good manager should not take advantage of your friendship.

A music manager should help you move your music forward. With this in mind, keep track of how effective they are to your music career. Check if they are getting you more shows, if they are helping you with promotion and how they are helping to advance your career. If they are not performing, take it seriously and consider your options.

It is always good to get a music manager who has experience in the music industry. Do not hire a lazy manager because they will not give you much. Consider their efficiency and the skills they portray, since a good music manager should know what they are doing.

If you hire a music manager with a degree in MBA, it will be advantageous to your career. It is also great to hire a manager who has experience as a music executive and who has a very clear understanding of the ins and outs of the music industry.

They should be good in deal making, royalties, booking, touring, publishing, accounting and marketing. You know that your manager is excellent if he has a business card, a legal business address, a client list and a detailed plan of how he will take you from zero to a hero.

If you cannot find a good music manager, consider hiring your family member. A family member understands you better than anyone else. Most artists are managed by their parents and they are very successful.

An artist cannot handle all the activities involved in building a music career on their own. That’s why they need a good music manager to help them navigate the roads of the music industry. Choosing the right music manager who will go above and beyond his duties, will set your music career in the right direction!

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