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Check out these 5 sites that help you learn about selling your music online

Most artists are selling their music online because they have realized that if they want to reach their fans worldwide, they need to do so through the internet. There are stories of success from selling music online and it is a current trend in the music industry that has been embraced well by both the artists and the fans.

You need to have some tips on how to sell your music online so that you can do it successfully. Apart from selling your music online, you can also market it using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others. In the present day, almost everyone has access to the internet and this is what has made sharing, selling, and promoting music online easy and cheap.

Some artists are independent artists meaning they are not signed into any record label that will help them sell their records. Instead, they opt to sell their music online through the many sites that are available. We’ll talk about some sites that  can help you to sell your music online.

CD baby is an online retail store that has millions and millions of visitors every month. These visitors are from across the globe which makes it the perfect place to sell your records on an international level. You should not be surprised if your records are bought by people from a country that you have never even visited. If someone buys your music from CD baby, you get an email instantly. The CD baby music player has a lot of features that you can choose from and you can even embed them on Facebook and your own website.

The good thing about it is that you can customize your playlist and you can also choose to view a 30-second clip of a particular song. The CD baby player is integrated with CD so that fans can purchase your tracks right from the CD baby player. It is easy and less time consuming to manage your music online as well as it helps you share, promote and sell your B-sides, live recordings, demos, and polished masterpieces. If you are looking for a no-cost site to sell your music, CD is the best option for you. It will provide you with all the information you need to start selling your music.

Bandcamp is a popular platform that artists use for selling their music and their merchandise. The site has been around for a while now and is designed around the idea of direct music sales to your fans. It’s quite simple to use Bandcamp by uploading your music and then working on generating sales. You are supposed to set your specific price for downloads and Bandcamp will only take 10% of every sale that you make. This is a full featured site that  also allows you to sell your merchandise. Visit the Bandcamp website and get to know everything you need to start selling your music online.

Many artists use Soundcloud as a source of income. Just like the other sites, you need to post your music on the site for  people to listen to. However, they cannot download it directly from Soundcloud, but instead, a link is created that will help you navigate your way to a place where you can buy the music.

Many listeners prefer to tune into Soundcloud so they can listen to music directly from the site. It does not matter where you are browsing from as this is a very good platform for promoting your music online if you wish to do so. Log in to the sound cloud website and get more information on how you can sell your music online through them, it’s pretty straight forward.

iTunes and Amazon are the most popular sites to sell your music online. You upload your music on iTunes and people will buy it in the form of digital downloads. iTunes has a lot of clients who are searching for music to buy. It is well-known worldwide and heavily used making it the best platform for artists to meet with their fans who are interested in their music.

Amazon does not accept artists without a distributor as part of their policy. This limits the independent artists who do not have distributors yet. On the other hand, iTunes allows you to do everything on your own, but you need to have at least 20 albums in your catalog which limits some artists especially the newbies. Other sites like Spotify, Sellfy, YouTube, and Reddit music work in the same way as Amazon and iTunes. YouTube has helped a lot of artists like Justine Bieber to get recognized. By creating a YouTube channel and uploading your records, people will start to recognize you which will help to jump start your sales.

Reverbnation is a smart platform  that acts as a storefront to promote your music. Instead of selling your music on this platform like you would do on Spotify and iTunes, it is primarily used as a platform to promote your work. Nevertheless, it has ample information about how you can sell your music online along with details about other online music sale sites.

Reverbnation is mostly used by people to discover new music when they are searching the site. Some artists are weary about using it as you can’t buy directly from this site but it is an excellent platform to promote your work, especially for independent artists, and you’ll be surprised at the income you can generate from it.

There are many more sites  available, where you can get information on how to sell your music online or actually make music sales. Before you get started to sell your music on a particular site, learn a bit more about how the site works along with the info about music promotion, selling and online sharing. Take advantage of these sites, and start making money!

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