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Common misconceptions about social media and music promotion

shutterstock_33825631Music has gone digital! Twenty-first century musicians have adopted the internet and everything it has to offer for music promotion. One of the common trends in the music industry is the use of social media to market music, this is the best way to reach a global fan base, while promoting your music.

Artists market themselves on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler through creating a profile, platform, page or group that is easy to navigate to.It’s important to keep things simple, so that even the most amateur internet users can join your fan base and hear all about you and your music.

On your Facebook page, you can buy sponsored posts that will help you to increase your visibility. You can also use tags and location to make the page more interesting. Try posting different kinds of content every now and then and look at the statistics to see what kind of content gets your fans visiting your page or site. Make it personal on social media because fans want to feel as if you are talking to them directly and this is a major part of your publicity as  a musician. You should also take a look at social media sites that were created specifically for musicians, and get to work!

There are some sites that don’t necessarily have a lot of traffic coming to them, but they are still relevant for artists. Some of these sites include Bandcamp, Our Wave, Reverb Nation, Sound Cloud, Spotify and much more. If you want to use social media successfully to promote your music, you’ll have to learn how to strike the balance between having a big presence but not being too “in your face” and turning fans away. Social media networks have been a brilliant start up point for many new artists, but there are some misconceptions about it that we’ll discuss.

Social media has helped small companies efficiently promote their products. Many artists may think that the availability and speed of search engines will eventually diminish the need for social media. The truth is that people will never leave the social media sites since they are fun and highly interactive and they have become some a major part of society today. As an artist, you should not wait for people to come across your site through your search engine, because you’ll be waiting a long time to get your expected results. Instead join a social media platform and get chatting to your fans!

Repetitive posting is not healthy, but many artists think that posting the same content repeatedly will give them better results. In fact, repetitive posts can do you more harm than good.  Be original and unique by posting interesting things for your fans to always keep them excited, instead of posting the same things over again and driving your fans away.

Many artists miss the point here because they think that social media is a 9 to 5 job like other regular jobs. They fail to understand that social media runs 24/7 and 365 days a year. As an artist, you should know that your competitors will be on the various platforms around the clock as they understand the importance of using these sites. If you find it hard to keep up with all the sites, you can make good use of scheduling tools for advanced and timely marketing campaigns.

There are some artists who stay away from social media so that they can avoid negative comments from people, but instead they should understand that they cannot always please everyone. Negative comments on the various platforms is nothing to worry about. You can use them as constructive criticism and they will also definitely get your fans talking and interacting. No matter how great your music is, people will always have their opinions, be it good or bad. Let people give their comments and use the feedback to improve your music.

Apart from website discovery, social media has a lot of uses as a marketing strategy. It serves as a channel for improving customer relation services, brand ambassadors, traffic generation, business intelligence development, sales creation and crowd sourcing.

The idea of more music business does not depend on the amount of followers you have. Don’t pay people to follow you because followers will not contribute to your music promotion. Start with a clean profile and do not worry if you only have a few followers as long as they are genuine. It is easier to manage them than trying to manage dozens of followers who are fake. Besides you want your followers to be true fans, who will help to promote your work.

Some artists think that short posts are the best and ideal for marketing. Long ago short posts were believed to find their way through an audience who have a small attention span. Today, short posts are no longer seen as effective as longer and more informative posts are well recognized. In fact, they are the ones that are shared the most and they also have a chance of being placed on Google’s first search pages.

It is okay to share your competitor’s content and your fans will be grateful when you share other useful and interesting information with them, aside from your own. Your competitor is also likely to share your content too so it’s a win-win situation that you will benefit greatly from.

Some artists think that there is nothing beyond Facebook or Twitter. The truth is, there is more business out there behind the social media platforms. It’s a place where you can meet fans and potential clients. Clients might contact you in the future to ask for performances or concerts. It’s also a great networking tool and you can meet people who will help in your music career.

Social media marketing is not a time wasting hobby if you learn how to use it correctly and to your benefit as a musician. It is important to bear in mind that there is really more to social media marketing than having a large number of followers. Set yourself up by implementing significant strategies, staying true to yourself, and speaking to your fans!



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