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12 Things A Successful Songwriter Does To Get The Creative Juices Flowing

Songwriters should be creative all the time irrespective of their location.

For example, there are those who go to an office to write their songs while others sit in writing rooms with guitars and collaborate with other songwriters. The rest may have recording studios in their homes. If you are a writer and you lack motivation and inspiration, the following are some tips on how you can keep your creative juices flowing.

(1) Give yourself a definite deadline.

Just because you are creating something does not mean you that you should give yourself all the time in the world to complete it. Making a plan ahead of time can help you avoid creating plateaus, losing interest or getting stuck in your creative work. Additionally, it also helps you avoid waiting to judge your ideas after you finish them. Always remember that planning will go along with your creativity. If you plan your activities before you start them, it will help you to be organized and it will keep you feeling driven and motivated.

(2) Have smaller projects in addition to your main project.

Although you’ll be working on one big project, it’s always a good idea to have a few smaller ones on the side. This  will help you to avoid getting stuck and having a creative block, as the pressure of your main project will be all that you can think about. Through using the distraction of smaller projects,you’ll create the perfect environment to keep yourself feeling creative and  productive. When you are done with a smaller project, you will come back to the big project with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

(3) Change up your morning routine.

For many of us, no matter what industry we are in, we follow a logical morning routine. We wake up, take a shower, eat some breakfast and once our bodies are taken care of we jump on into our work. Through changing up your morning routine you can help to get those creative juices flowing pretty quickly. Instead of getting ready each day before you start working, why not get out of bed and jump straight on into your work. No one said you can’t work effectively when you’re still in your pajamas! Start your morning with a bang and jump into your work instead of making your way there slowly and you are bound to notice a sore in your creativity.

(4) Exercise regularly.

Exercise is good for your body and your mind! It’s a natural anti-depressant and it also gets your heart beating and your blood flowing. When you hit the road for a run or get a workout at the gym, you are giving your mind a break from the usual environment that it’s used to and you allow your creativity to rise to the surface and take over. The  benefits of exercise are tremendous. Besides the obvious, exercise works wonders on your cognition and your ability to focus, so when you head back to your work you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go!

(5) Become aware of your own body rhythms.

Our bodies cycle through rhythms the whole day. For many of us, we have times of the day when our energy is low and our concentration is non existent. For some it’s in the morning and for others in the afternoon or late at night. Become aware of your own body rhythms. If you know that the afternoon is a hard time for you to concentrate, use that time to go for a run, and instead work either early morning or evening when you are better able to focus. Use your time effectively!

(6) Set a bedtime hour and get a good amount of quality sleep.

Have you ever heard someone tell you that they need to “sleep on it” when you’re waiting for them to give you an answer about something. Sleep is the most incredible secret tool that helps our bodies and minds to get rest, and rejuvenate themselves, while our cells replenish themselves with what they need to keep us going. Instead of being proud about having little sleep, set yourself a bedtime hour and get a good amount of quality sleep per night. You’ll notice very quickly an improvement in your work, creativity and focus. There are studies that show that sleep boosts a person’s creativity by 33% and that’s really not something we should take so lightly!

(7) Make “downtime” a priority in order to improve your creativity.

Far too often we push ourselves with deadlines and feel like we are running on empty. Instead of taking a step back, we keep going until we burn ourselves out and can no longer function. Part of keeping yourself feeling creative and motivated is being able to realize when you need some time out. Time out and a good break, in nature for that matter, is just as important as getting enough sleep and exercise, but more often than not, we don’t allow ourselves to take the time off because of feelings of guilt. It’s time to re-frame things and make “downtime” a priority in order to improve your creativity.

(8) Study rhyme schemes in successful songs.

Some songwriters find it hard to construct lyrics. Successful songwriters say that a rhyme scheme forces its way into the listener’s’ ears and gives them a pleasant feeling of resolution and security.

(9) Take an interest in songs from successful songwriters.

Get interested in songs from songwriters whose work is considered classic and is similar to yours and ensure you’re up to date with what is trending. It’s also worth the exercise while listening to these songs to identify key points that make this song great, and you can use that for you own inspiration.

(10) Read books by successful songwriters.

There’s nothing like a book to get your creativity flowing. You can also get some good tips from books written by songwriters about their experiences and important advice to stay creative and motivated.

(11) Stay up to date on industry trends.

As a songwriter make sure you’re up to date with what’s trending and push your creative limits in order to produce something really incredible that you can be proud of and that will be well accepted by an international audience.

(12) Be consistent with your writing.

If you work on your songs every single day your progress will be amazing. Even if you don’t really have the time or energy on any given day, spend one minute… three minutes… ten minutes… whatever…to Do Some Work On Your Song(s).

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