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What happened when college students were drugged for a music experiment?



Music+ Drugs+College Students= Science?

So you drug up 17 college students, have them listen to their favorite music and discover that now it doesn’t have the same effect that it has without the drugs. The wizards behind the study Daniel Levitin and his team at McGill University, funded by The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, gave students naltrexone- a drug generally prescribed for treating addiction disorders.  Here is some of what 17 drugged up college students had to say .

 It seems some very smart people have more money than brains

One student said: “I know this is my favorite song but it doesn’t feel like it usually does.” No S____Columbus! According to another: “It sounds pretty, but it’s not doing anything for me.” Apparently these findings (the ones referenced above) were fascinating to the researchers.  “the impressions our participants shared with us after the experiment — were fascinating.”

“The same brain-chemical system that mediates feelings of pleasure from sex, recreational drugs, and food is also critical to experiencing musical pleasure.” According to the article it seems to me that these researchers conclusion was that the things that people enjoy like alcohol and sex, and now music, can lead to addictive behaviors. 

 Was drugging students the only way to figure this out? Maybe I’m not seeing something

And how much money was spent on that brilliant study? What have you guys come up with to further the development of the human race?

Go read the full article Sex, drugs, and rock and roll chemistry in the brain on McGill Website here and then let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page.

I’m really curious what you think.

Dr. ReXx

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