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Things to look for when buying a beginners electric guitar

Every guitar owner remembers their first electric guitar and if you are a beginner, you are in for a great music journey with your electric guitar in hand. If you’re passionate about playing the guitar, find yourself a beautiful electric with a sleek design and perfect tone and you would have set yourself up well, to improve your skills and play from your heart, for years to come.

As a beginner guitarist, it can be quite overwhelming to find your first electric as there are a variety of guitars available from the very many well-known guitar brands. You can choose from Epiphone and Squier, to name just a  few. ESP is known for their efforts in nurturing young guitarists. You can also find modified guitar models at these companies that will be suitable for a beginner strummer, you just need to have the confidence to start somewhere.

Every guitar player  who puts in the time and effort and shows determination, improves with time. Having a high quality guitar will help to make the learning exciting and less tedious as you learn about the many different sounds you can make with it. When you are ready to buy your electric guitar, before you head to the store, make sure you know what features are important to you. This way you’ll feel less overwhelmed when faced with the different options of style, size and shape.

Factors to consider when buying a beginners electric guitar

When you’re in the market to buy a guitar the first and most important factor to consider is the guitar’s sound. Despite the style and shape of the guitar, you need to make sure that the sound coming from the guitar will suit the style of music that you’ll want to play, otherwise you’ll be left with a sleek looking guitar and a sound that doesn’t ring true to who you are. The tone of the guitar is essentially the most important thing to look at when buying your first electric guitar, because ultimately no matter what your guitar looks or feels like, it’s tone is the main purpose.T

It’s important to have some kind of idea of the type of tone you’re looking for in a guitar and the style of music that you’ll want to play. By doing this, you’ll be able to easily narrow down your instrument options, instead of leaving yourself feeling confused and unsure what to pick. You’ll also want to look at the notation of the guitar by making sure that the tone you hear from plucking the open string and that of the 12th fret harmonic are complementary, to ensure a good overall sound.

You may have found your guitar of your dreams, only to realize that it costs way more than your budget allows. Don’t feel despondent. For many beginners buying a simple electric guitar to start with is perfectly okay, as you take your time to learn the skills and the chords needed to produce great songs. Having a basic guitar that falls in your price range, as a starting point, is no problem. While you improve and become a more skilled player, you can save up your cash and keep your eye on the electric guitar that you dream about, and when the time is right you can go out and buy it.

There are so many guitar styles to choose from, and of course you’ll want to pick one that compliments your own style and suits the type of music that you play. Your guitar style will influence your purchase greatly, because most musicians want something that “looks the part” and that makes them feel confident when they play. If you aren’t sure what style to go for, go to a store and try a few out. It won’t take long until you have your eye on something amazing. Just make sure that it’s quality is of a high standard and that it won’t effect the tone.

Going into a store to buy your electric guitar allows you the opportunity to strum a bit and check out the various styles. You’ll also get a good idea of the guitars tone, helping you to feel more sure about your purchase. If you buy online and you’re unsure about the various guitar styles, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment. If you are determined to buy online, do your homework first and go into a store, try out their guitars and once you find the one you like, purchase the same model online.

You’ll need to hook your electric guitar up to an amplifier. Each amplifier comes with its own unique sound. In order to make sure that you are focused on the specific guitar tone and to eliminate any changes in the sound due to the effects of the amplifier, make sure that when you’re trying out the different guitars, that you use the same amp. If you do this, then you’ll know for sure that the different guitar tones that you hear are specific to each guitar which will allow you to make a choice more easily.

After a guitar is manufactured, many things can happen to it before reaching the musicians hands, if it is not stored correctly. Make sure the guitar you are about to buy is in perfect condition without dents, chips or problems with the paint and that the structure of the guitar is straight and not defective. Problems in any of these areas can definitely affect your music so you’ll really want to avoid them!

The guitar community is widespread, but they are not shy to give their reviews and recommendations on different models. When you  find something you like, find out from veteran players what they think about the guitar so you won’t be left with any regrets. Finding yourself the right guitar is just a few steps away, so enjoy the journey and don’t rush it!

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