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5 tools every musician should be using to make money online

The music industry has undergone a major change due to the distribution of music through the internet. Legal music purchases and file sharing of songs are done online. The largest music retailers in the world are now operating digitally and this includes the popular iTunes store which is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

Many musicians including performing artists, filmmakers, graphic designers and some entertainment freelancers are mostly recognized through websites and their YouTube channels. This only happens through their determination, dedication and tireless work to keep up their online presence. Fans who are always waiting for their new releases also contribute to their success.

It is in such forums that new artists are able to be identified and kick start their career. Some are able to showcase their skills and talents and this further contributes to their success personally and financially. The reason why they put more effort into their online presence is to get more followers. This in turn results in more sold out downloads and performances, and at times commercials. There are various tools that a musician or artist can use to make money online, we’ll take a look at some of them.

As an artist or musician, if you have a highly viewed personal website or music blog, you can earn a lot through this by allowing companies, especially individually owned ones, to host their advertisements on your website or your blogs. The agreement should be for an agreed period of time and an agreed amount of money. There are companies that enlist artists to make videos for products, who pay a lot of money for such advertisements. They do this if the artist allows them to place their products in their videos.

You can further mention a name of a company to promote its product or services at the start of your video. A good example would be by introducing an animation dance to your song. You can also implement additional words in Google using AdWords where you will be paid per click.

New beginners are looking for someone experienced to pass their knowledge on to them and to guide them within this competitive industry and what better way to give them guidance than with online music lessons. The current education system is heading towards e-Learning and it is being embraced by many students. The best thing about it is that it requires simple and more readily available equipment. Things like a webcam, computer, and a fast internet connection are common in the present age of technology. You can create a video course or eBook or a membership website and teach upcoming artists, musicians, songwriters and rappers your talent. The lessons will be offered through an automatic delivery system to each one of them without the need for you to be present. If you decide to teach, always do a production of free music lesson materials. Also consider teaching online on guitar and drum sites. There are many ways to make money online as a musician.

Working for artists is a very new market that needs a lot of investment, but it has a lot of potential. It cuts the time and costs for singers, musicians and producers who used to send tracks to and from each other using snail mail. The marketplace platform is offered by very few websites. Such platforms allow artists to choose and hire a producer or musician who has the capacity to produce or play their tracks. For remote sessions,you can find many sites on Google that can help. The music community is growing bigger and thus, a large market is easily available.

Online marketing is also known as market affiliation in the music industry. Basically it is the internet’s marketing space and allows one to know of the products offered in the music market. There are musicians or producers who are heavily followed or have highly viewed personal websites and blogs. They have a large market where they can promote music products. Make the process easier by putting a link to their products on your website. This helps your fans to easily purchase the products they like when they come to your website. When purchases are done through your link, you will always get a commission.

There has been a massive introduction of online marketing on different platforms. One has to fill out their profile and bid for jobs online. In some cases employers contact you and you can get a big or small project. Video producing companies and software application developers comprise of the largest market since they always have projects that require original music composers. Online freelancing can generate a big source of income for you.

There are many ways that you can sell your music online. They include using more of the resources that you already have. You can sell some of the musical equipment you are not using online, many artists have tried this and it gave them some money that they desperately needed.

Always check out sites that have advertisement posts because it is there that you can access possible functions or promotions that will earn you some cash. If you have a heavy following on your personal website or blog you can decide to rent out Ad space for market affiliation another simple way to make some money online.

There are certain websites that will pay you for various things including shopping, taking surveys and testing their products. They include Inbox Dollars, Swag Bucks, Project Payday and User Testing. The same websites have a musical platform you can use to your advantage.

The online market has increased the number of possibilities and opportunities available to musicians to make an impact on others and share their knowledge, while earning some kind of an income. The options are endless, and if you’re creative you may even be able to come up with a smart online opportunity that will earn you a lot of cash and enhance your musical career at the same time!

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