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5 ways to make money online with your music videos

Everyone has embraced the internet and people are going digital in everything they do. A serious artist should take advantage and use it to benefit their career. There are several ways that an artist can make money online through being focused and ready to grab any opportunity that comes his way. Here are ways to make money online with your music videos.

iTunes was developed by Apple Inc and has many different functions that can help your music career. iTunes has 3 different functions as a media player, it also is an online radio broadcaster and it offers the service to assist you with managing your mobile device. Artists can use iTunes to their advantage as it allows the user to play and download music and other online content. As a budding artist, you can use this platform to sell your music online to your fans.

Fans go online to iTunes and purchase the songs they want in the form of digital downloads. The artist gets paid a percentage of the gross income from each sale that is made. This is also a good way to reach your fans and communicate with them. Fans leave comments and reviews about your song which you can then read and use to evaluate your work.

As a musician, you can make money online through YouTube. For starters, you can earn money through videos that have ads embedded in them. This is a process that is referred to as monetization. When your fans view your videos, ads pop up during the video. According to the number of video views, the artist will get paid a percentage from the ads that pop up on their video.

The more your songs are viewed, the more ads are viewed and  the more the income you’ll make off them. YouTube has partnered with Vevo and other major record labels that are designed to share the wealth between the online video and music industries. This benefits the artist because he is paid a percentage from the views of his song.

YouTube has links to iTunes, Google Play or Amazon MP3 which fans can easily click to buy a track. This makes it easy for them to access your songs. It also has a feature that helps fans pay directly to the artist, but this is not available to everyone, it requires an application.

You can sell your music online through your website. People interested in your songs will visit your website to download them from there. Make sure your music is available as digital downloads. Your website should be attractive and easy to navigate and it should also have free offers.

Fans always look for hot tunes, so streaming your site should be the first thing to do. It is also important to promote your music on music sites. Spotify is growing in popularity as well as Apple Music. If you join Wix Music they offer a package that helps your music be part of 120 music sites and it also automatically syncs new tunes from your website.

Buying stuff online is not only fun but easy. Many people prefer buying things online because it saves time and can be done from virtually any location instead of having to make their way to the store. The same case applies to music because people like purchasing music online and you can make a lot of money through an online music store.

You can connect your music store to your website and offer discounts to people who subscribe to your emails. It is also advisable to sell a collection of your songs as a package which will make it easy for your fans to get to know all your music. Your fans will buy your songs from your online store in the form of downloads.

Earn money through digital printing. This is payment generated from public display copyright through displaying your lyrics or sheet music on websites. There are a few websites that generate these payments such as lyric websites and musician sites. The artist gets a percentage of the total gross revenue from the websites which is a really good way to earn money online through your music without leaving your house!

Well known songs have a built in audience because people are interested in them. Through making a cover of popular songs you are broadening your audience reach and when fans buy your  cover song, they will search for other records that you have online. You should name your album or song title the same name as a song that is more popular as this helps it surface when people are searching for the original.

Millions of people search tunes from iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic. Ensure your tune has a title that will surface easily when people are searching for songs on the internet. Make your album name simple and easy to find on the internet by choosing your album title wisely while considering your competitor’s titles as well.

Music tied to a specific holiday is bound to sell more during the holidays. For example, Christmas songs sell more during Christmas time while love songs sell more leading up to valentines day. Having a holiday hit can really help to increase your revenue.

An iMix is a playlist that you publish for your fans to access. If you want your music to surface and get discovered easily, create an iMix. Mix some of your songs and combine others from a well-known artist. These types of iMixes surface well at the artists’ album iTunes pages which allows fans to discover you and get interested in your work. The good thing about iTunes is that they allow you to rate your iMix. Get as many people as possible to rate your iMix with five stars because highly rated iMixes get more attention.

Musicians have known the secret of earning millions and millions of dollars online through their music. We are in a digital era and everything has been digitized and people prefer following the digital format of doing things. Every musician should take this as a challenge and turn digital. Selling your songs online is easy, fun, and does not require a lot of effort. You also create the opportunity to build an international fan base.



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